Specializing in Municipal, Not-for-Profit and NGO Authentic Leaders who want to create more cohesive senior teams to achieve their purpose and goals

Leaders in NGO, Municipal and NGO organizations often get frustrated because their senior teams are not as cohesive as they would like or do not have the right people in the right seats doing the right things. 

The impact of these issues include:

Wasted valuable time, resources and energy

Frustration and time spent resolving conflict and handling communication (or lack thereof ) issues

Burnout from spending too much unproductive time on the wrong things

Leaders from these organizations come to me when they know that their situation needs to improve.

When they do, they experience the following benefits:

A senior team that has a shared purpose, agreements and focuses on key priorities

A senior team that is better equipped to communicate with and coach staff to be accountable, foster productive relationships and focus on results while maintaining productive collegial relationships

Relief or assurance that they have a sounding board to discuss and resolve their most pressing people challenges

Unlike other experts in this area, I am one of the most seasoned executive coaches in the country. In addition to multiple client success stories, I am: one of the earliest to receive an ICF PCC coaching designation in Canada; an engaging facilitator; certified in multiple highly validated assessment tools for selection and development; the author of the HR Manager’s Guide to Coaching (published by Carswell a Division of Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd.); a faculty member of a leading coach training school; and coach to two International Coach Federation GTA Chapter Prism Award (no relation) winners for demonstrating business results through coaching (one small business and the other a municipality).

How I work with my clients

I take a coach-approach to my engagements with my clients. What that means is that I listen. Coaches have finely tuned listening skills that we are constantly working on. 

Once I hear what your particular situation is, I take that away and playout all the possible solutions to come up with the best recommendation for you. You though, are in the driver’s seat and have the ultimate approval of my recommended approach. Sometimes I might recommend optional approaches and we discuss the pros and cons of each.

Once engaged, you will find it a participative process where I keep you in the loop at all times and continue to observe and listen.

After two decades of working with people in a coaching/consulting capacity I have many tools in my toolbox and will have the right one or combination of tools to suit your objectives.


Alternatively, you can call my toll free line at 866. 554. 5547

If you are dealing with some of the issues mentioned above and would love to get to a better place with your team and your organization, perhaps you’re ready to schedule a call. There is no obligation and I won’t hound you. I will listen, process and if I think I can help you with your objective(s), then we proceed from there. You will always remain in the driver’s seat.