Workplace Stress Executive Briefing: From Bandaid to Real Aid

2020 has, unfortunately, been a banner year for stress. No doubt, your organization has made numerous resources available to your people to help reduce stress and the many negative impacts related to negative stress. As you consider your organization, you may note that despite everything, your people are the picture of productivity. But is there more that you are not seeing? Your workplace (even if it’s virtual), may actually be a breeding ground for stress, which is slowly chipping away at the collective morale, and the individual spirit of your people even after your best efforts.

Oftentimes stress rises and spreads unbeknownst to even the
most empathic leaders.

What you can measure, you can manage

Join me on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at noon when I will help you see what stress factors you can measure, quantify and rectify to stop hampering productivity, killing your culture, impacting turnover or increased sick time. Once you know, you can
address the root causes — which can include lack of job fit, miscommunications or mismanagement.

Time to stop putting bandages on at random hoping that you have found the wound

In this informative 30-minute executive briefing, you will:

  1. Learn about the 7 areas of organizational stress. Each of which can be measured, and is within your control!
  2. See the power of actionable data.
  3. Discover 3 key action items you can do right now to reduce stress in the workplace.

Upon registration, you will receive a Zoom webinar invite. You can join via your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Registrants will not see each other but will be able to submit questions via Q&A. You will receive a reminder one day prior to and one hour prior to the webinar.

Thank you for your registration and I look forward to your participation on December 15th.