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muniLEARN and Prism Group are pleased to offer you this sampling of three highly-reliable, highly-validated, research-based assessments developed by the world leader in online assessments, TTI Success Insights.

We are offering you three options. The Working from Home Report can be taken by any number of people in your organization.

The other two, are provided as “samplers” so you can see how they fit as a development tool for your municipal team.


Your Assessment Sampling Options

Working from Home Report

Emotional Intelligence +

Competencies +

Click on image to download a sample report
Click on image to download a sample report
Click on image to download a sample report

About Your Three Report Options

Working from Home Overview

The Working from Home report applies DISC behavioural styles in order to provide you with a full report of personalized work tips for the most effective remote communication techniques while working from home.

This personalized report helps you understand your own remote communication preferences, learn about your colleagues’ remote work communication preferences, and adapt your preferences when needed to communicate more effectively with a colleague.

The report is the first of its kind in the market and was developed by as a response to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Number of Sciences: 1

Science(s): Behaviours

Time to Complete: 10 min

TriMetrix EQ Overview

Leveraging the power of three sciences, TriMetrix® EQ measures your ability to sense,
understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.

TriMetrix® EQ combines Behaviours, 12 Driving Forces™ and Emotional Intelligence in a fully integrated assessment. The results of this combination will give individuals a strong insight into themselves. The revelations of their strengths and weaknesses will help them create a roadmap for their self development and their development in their roles.

Number of Sciences: 3

Sciences: Behaviours, 12 Driving Forces, EQ (emotional intelligence)

Time to Complete: 30-40 min

TriMetrix DNA Overview

Leveraging the power of three sciences, TriMetrix DNA will help you leverage your people potential by understanding how people behave, what drives them and which competencies they bring to the workplace.

An individual’s hierarchy of competencies is key to their success, and knowing what they are is essential to reaching professional success.

For most jobs today, personal skills/competencies are as or more important than technical skills in producing superior performance. This personalized report reveals and individual’s level of development in 25 research-based competencies related to the business environment.

Number of Sciences: 3

Sciences: Behaviours, 12 Driving Forces, EQ(emotional intelligence)

Time to Complete: 30-45 min

Prism Group is proud to be affiliated with TTI Success Insights® a world leader that has been on the cutting edge of the assessment solutions  industry since 1984.

1 +
Over 30+ Million assessments admnistered worldwide
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Over 100,000 companies have used TTI SI assessments worldwide
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Attributes & Their Descriptors

List of the attributes measured in the TriMetrix EQ and TriMetrix DNA personalized report and brief descriptions of each.

Behavioural Attributes

Behavioural research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. This report measures the four dimensions of normal behaviour: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance.

12 Driving Forces (Motivators)

Motivators help to initiate one’s behaviour and are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they are not always readily observed. It is the purpose of this report to help illuminate and amplify some of those motivating factors and to build on the strengths that each person
brings to the work environment.

Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a measure of your ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of your emotions and the emotions of others in order to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.

EI stands for Emotional Intelligence. EQ stands for Emotional Quotient which is the measure of emotional intelligence.

DNA 25 - Competencies

This competency assessment measures what an individual “has done” in 25 research-based competencies related to the professional work environment. The personalized report ranks the individual’s competencies according to “well developed”, “developed”, “moderately developed” and “needs development”.

The propensity to compile, confirm and organize information.

The propensity to want to win, gain an advantage, or beat one's own previously set benchmarks.

The propensity to perform predictably in repetitive situations.

The propensity to identify and fulfill customer expectations.

Someone whose tendency is to adhere to rules, regulations or existing methods.

Someone whose tendency is to adhere to rules, regulations or existing methods.

The predisposition to frequently engage and communicate with others.

The tendency to want to establish and maintain specific order in daily activities.

The predisposition to easily building rapport with a wide range of individuals.

The predisposition to finishing tasks despite challenges or resistance.

The predisposition to taking immediate action.

Someone who easily adapts to various situations with ease.


People who are driven to assist others for the satisfaction of being helpful or supportive.

People who are driven by being in a supporting role and contributing with little need for individual recognition.

People who are driven by status, recognition and control over personal freedom.

People who are driven by the experience, subjective viewpoints and balance in their surroundings.

People who are driven by utilizing past experiences, intuition and seeking specific knowledge when necessary.

People who are driven by opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and the discovery of truth.

People who are driven to assist others for a specific purpose, not just for the sake of being helpful or supportive.

People who are driven by the functionality and objectivity of their surroundings.

People who are driven by new ideas, methods and opportunities that fall outside a define system for living.

People who are driven by practical results, maximizing both efficiency and returns for their investment of time, talent, energy and resources.

People who are driven by completing tasks for the sake of completion, with little expectation of personal return.

People who are driven by traditional approaches, proven methods and a defined system for living.


The ability to recognize and understand your moods, emotions and drives, as well as your effect on others when in those states.

The ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and the propensity to suspend judgment and think before acting.

A passion to work for reasons that go beyond the external drive for knowledge, utility, surrounding, others, power or methodology and are based on an internal drive or propensity to pursue goals with energy and persistence.


The ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people and how your words and actions affect others.

The ability to influence the emotional clarity of others through a proficiency in managing relationships and building networks.


Identifying with and caring about others.

Analyzing hypothetical situations, patterns and/or abstract concepts to formulate connections and new insights.

Understanding, addressing and resolving conflict constructively.

Taking initiative to regularly learn new concepts, technologies and/or methods.

Creating new approaches, designs, processes, technologies and/or exceeding customer needs, wants and expectations.

Anticipating, meeting and/or exceeding customer needs, wants and expectations.

Analyzing all aspects of a situation to make consistently sound and timely decisions.

Effectively and tactfully handling difficult or sensitive issues.

Facilitating, supporting and contributing to the professional growth of others.

Readily modifying, responding and adapting to change with minimal resistance.

Imagining, envisioning, projecting and/or creating what has not yet been actualized.

Setting, pursuing and attaining goals, regardless of obstacles or circumstances.

Personally affecting others actions, decisions, opinions or thinking.

Effectively communicating, building rapport and relating well to all kinds of people.

Organizing and influencing people to believe in a vision while creating a sense of purpose and direction.

Listening to many points of view and facilitating agreements between two or more parties.

Being answerable for personal actions.

Establishing courses of action to ensure that work is completed effectively.

Defining, analyzing and diagnosing key components of a problem to formulate a solution.

Identifying and overseeing all resources, tasks, systems and people to obtain results.

Quickly recovering from adversity.

Demonstrating initiative and willingness to begin working.

Cooperating with others to meet objectives.

Prioritizing and completing tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames.

Understanding the uniqueness and contributions of others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A:  We would love for everyone in your organization to complete the Working From Home assessment! With respect to the TriMetrixDNA and TriMetrixEQ reports, as you can appreciate, the samplers are intended for you to try them out so that you can decide if it’s the right solution for whatever it is you are hoping to accomplish either with a few individuals, your team or many in your municipality.

A:  You will receive a partial report immediately after completing the questionnaire. Sophie Mathewson of Prism Group will then contact you to set up a time for a debrief and will share your full report with you a few days prior to your scheduled call.

A:  Only Sophie Mathewson, of Prism Group will see your report. Sophie is the administrator of the assessments and is certified in their use as well as a Professional Certified Coach and has years of experience in debriefing personalized reports.

A:  Prism Group and muniLEARN will have a record of your name and email address but only Prism Group will have access to your assessment report.

A: We find that the best way to have people understand the power of our high-validated assessments is to let you try it. Our hope, of course, is that once you see the power of the assessment, you will bring them into your organization.

A: Yes. We have a full cadre of assessments for different applications including: selection, onboarding, leadership development, team development, improving communication; and improving customer service. You can learn more about them on our Assessment Centre which can be found here.

A: Yes. We offer customized 360s and employee engagement surveys. We also offer a Stress Quotient Survey® which measures 7 areas of organizational stress that you can control. The Stress Quotient® survey has leader, individual and anonymous versions. Click here to learn about our organizational surveys.

A: You can contact Sophie directly by clicking here  or by leaving a voicemail message on our Toll Free number 866.  554.  5547. Your inquiries are most welcome.

Do You Have Questions About Assessment Providers?

We have made the guide on the right available to you to help you navigate the sometimes confusing world or assessments. 

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