How to be: Calm and Confident in Challening Times

How to Face Challenging Times with Calm and Confidence:

Build Your Strength & Resilience

When it comes to challenges, perception is everything.

When something feels hard to you, it IS hard. When it feels easy, it IS easy.

That’s one reason athletes spend so much time training. They’re shifting their perception of what “hard” is. You and I might find a 5 km run to be devastatingly difficult. But for a serious runner, a 5 km run is simply a warmup and nothing more.

We all know the importance of training when it comes to physical fitness…

…but we often overlook it when we think about mental and emotional challenges.

This training can make the difference between a temporary setback and a crushing blow. It can make the difference between a successful leader that can ride out a storm and one that allows a storm to scar them. Or, the difference between a business that grows steadily and one that folds before it’s had a chance to thrive. In short, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Neuroscience and Resilience

Strength and resilience are vital traits for all of us — especially those of us living in a world that seems to get more challenging every day.

Fortunately, we now know a lot about what makes people better equipped to weather big challenges and recover from setbacks. For decades, psychologists and neuroscientists have been researching the science of resilience. They have discovered the characteristics that allow people to face extraordinary challenges with confidence. 

And they’ve learned which habits, practices, and mindsets enable us to do the same.

The Power of A Complete System

I know this stuff works because I’ve used it myself. I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty resilient person — but I was wowed by the difference these practices made in my own life.

In this course, we talk about that horrible feeling of helplessness and the one thing you need to face any challenge. When my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, that could easily have been a helpless moment and phase in our lives which could have contributed to a disastrous outcome. We revisited our wills, had to have very difficult conversations with our children, family and friends and put everything else in our lives on hold. It was a long and arduous battle with a fantastic outcome. I came up with a saying early on in my husband’s cancer journey that “Cancer is a Team Sport.” There were many players and we took every option available to us. But, what was significant, is that we were able to shift our perspective early on by using the “one thing that you need to face any challenge” that we talk about in Lesson 2. 

Now that I’m in the habit of “exercising” my resilience muscle, my capacity to handle stressful situations with calm and confidence has expanded beyond all my expectations. 

That’s why I’m excited to offer you a short, targeted course that will teach you how to do the same.. No bumf, no wasted words, but rather content rich in tips and techniques.

Build Your Strength and Resilience

In this course, you’ll discover a step-by-step process for training your “resilience muscle.” You’ll learn exactly how you can improve your ability to remain calm under pressure and handle challenging situations with confidence. Doesn’t that sound like a worthwhile objective?

In How to be Calm and Confident in Challening Times, you’ll discover:

  • The ONE belief that enables you to face even the toughest situations without giving up.
  • The behaviour you learned as a child that can keep you stuck as an adult— and how to break free.
  • How ordinary people learn to survive even the most desperate situations — and what they can teach you about overcoming everyday challenges in your own life.
  • The 5-minute trick for dissolving a scarcity mindset, so you can find more options, resources, and possibilities.
  • How to use the WOOP method to avoid being derailed by unexpected obstacles.
  • How to train yourself to bounce back faster after upsets and setbacks.
  • How to shift your identity, so strength and resilience become automatic for you.

When you join How to be Calm and Confident in Tough Times: Building Your Strength and Resilience , you’ll learn the secrets that some of the most successful, most resilient people have used to confidently navigate even the stormiest weather.

What You'll Get

How to be Calm and Confident in Challenging Times: Building Your Strength and Resilience includes a combination of science-based instruction and hands-on activities to help you strengthen your resilience muscle.

There are 6 Lessons in this development course. Each week you will receive one lesson. Each lesson has a brief audio/video presentation, review notes, thought-provoking questions to ponder, worksheets to help you internalize what you’re learning and to keep you moving forward and, of course, me…your virtual coach.

The weekly pace may or may not be right for you…and that’s ok. It’s best if you digest the information at a pace that works best for you in your unique circumstance. Do Not in any way feel guilty if you can’t keep up with the weekly pace…that’s not a problem. The lessons will be there when you’re ready to move on. You have unlimited access to your learning portal for as long as you need – there is no expiry date. Having said that, I do encourage you to try to stick to a weekly  or bi-weekly pace so that you are not stalling your learning curve. If you’re anything like me, and you leave it too long between lessons you may get frustrated because you have to go back to earlier lessons to refresh and get back in the groove.


Here’s what we’ll be covering in each lesson:

Lesson 1: What Do You Do When the Going Gets Tough?

Learn how you can prepare yourself to weather challenging situations and manage the emotional and mental storms that accompany them.

Lesson 2 – The One Thing You Need to Face Any Challenge

Those who have survived and thrived in devastating circumstances share one common attribute. Discover what it is and how you can foster it in your own life.

Lesson 3 – Change Your Perspective

Learn how to shift from overwhelmed to calm in just a few minutes.

Lesson 4 – Change Your Response

Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions, so you can react with calm and confidence to even the most trying circumstances.

Lesson 5: Change Your Approach

Discover why hardwired reactions to setbacks are often not useful in today’s world — and learn how you can recover faster and better.

Lesson 6: Reflection & Moving Forward

Integrate and apply what you’ve learned, so you see real changes in your own life. 

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own life and take immediate steps to build your resilience muscles.

The course contains everything you need to know — and nothing you don’t. You’ll learn the key concepts and strategies for improving your resilience, and you’ll discover how to cultivate resilience in your own life.

Can You Afford to Wait?

The world is changing quickly — and we are expected to change and adapt with it.

How prepared are you for any new challenges ahead? Will you be able to manage even the toughest situations with confidence and calm?

Join How to be Calm and Confident in Challenging Times today, and start building the “muscle” you’ll need to stay on course during even the toughest challenges that may come your way. 

You can get started today If you’re self-motivated and good at keeping yourself on track, the Standard Plan will work for you. You get all 6 Lessons including the implementation worksheets and have me on standby as your virtual coach. 

If you know that life tends to get in the way and want a bit of support in holding yourself accountable for your success, then the Professional Plan may be for you. In the Professional Plan, you receive the unlimited access to the 6 Lessons, all the implementation worksheets, your virtual coach plus a 30-minute coaching session with me any time in the first 60 days. Why 60 days? You know, so that you don’t drop the ball. I want you to be successful and build your resilience muscles.

And, if you are super serious about building your resilience so that you’re more calm and confident the next time life gets tough, the Premium Package may be for you. You still have unlimited access to the 6 Lessons for as long as you need, the implementation worksheet activities, your virtual coach plus three (3) 30-minute one-on-one personal coaching sessions to support you in your learning journey and success. My personal recommendation would be to schedule one session after Lesson 1, a second session either mid way through or right after Lesson 6 and then your third session within 30-days of your second session to keep the momentum going.

And no matter which level you join me at, you’ll have permanent access to the course content, so you can return to this material whenever you need a resilience booster.

Plus, You’ll Also Receive!!!

Support from your success coach, Sophie Mathewson, PCC. You will have online access to your Coach throughout the course.

Sophie is committed to your success and will be there to help you clarify your thinking, break your own boundaries, and mainly to support you in your development journey.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

This course contains a proven, science-based system for setting and achieving your most audacious goals. If you do the work, I’m confident you’ll see positive results.

But I don’t expect you to take my word for it! Take 14 days to get into the  course and test out the material. If you’ve completed the first two modules and accompanying worksheets and are not fully satisfied, let me know. I’ll refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.


It's never too late to discover a step-by-step process for training your “resilience muscle.” Imagine how you will feel when you improve your ability to remain calm under pressure and handle challenging situations with confidence

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