EX – Employee Experience

For decades organizations have been talking about employee engagement and it continues to be a bit of a vague concept. Yes, there are surveys that can act as a benchmark for subsequent surveys to measure progress.All too often organizations will launch a few initiatives in the hope that another hole might be plugged. 

Consider what it does for your perspective when we change the expression from employee engagement to employee experience (EX). There are a number of definitions of this term including this one from Forbes: “A set of perceptions that employees have about their experiences at work in response to their interactions with the organization.”

Although various organization-wide events throughout the year such as staff BBQs are often welcomed, these one-off events need to be part of the bigger picture. Employee engagement is the end goal which represents commitment to your organization and results in positive job performance and attainment of organizational results.

When does the EX begin? It begins during the hiring process and continues on every single day throughout an employee’s tenure with your organization. 

Think about your own employee experience or consider your team’s employee experience.

  1. What comes to mind? 
  2. As a leader, what is one thing you can do consistently to improve your team’s employee experience?

Happy Friday!

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