Up Your Game:
Choose to Challenge Yourself!

Join me on Monday, March 8th at noon (EST) for a virtual Brown Bag Lunch n’ Learn webinar

#Choose to challenge

Viewing the world through a different lens

You likely seldom question your attitudes, perceptions and beliefs. It’s difficult and challenging to see the world through a lens that is not of your making. Yet, sometimes your biases and lenses get in the way of your own fulfillment and success because of the level of “fact” you place on them either consciously or unconsciously.

Up your game

Ready to Challenge Yourself?

Sometimes you may have attitudes and beliefs that are so pervasive and have a significant cost on your productivity and relationships that you could benefit from a focus on shifting your perceptions. 

#Choose to challenge

Are your perceptions holding you back?

Perhaps, your perceptions may have served you in the past but are now holding them back and you aren’t even aware of it. In fact, many of these perceptions probably came about as defense mechanisms or ways to cope and have become habitual. You’re often unaware and react like you’re in autopilot. Your autopilot reactions come up most often during times of stress when your emotionally hijacked and unable to make a clear and conscious choice or decision. That’s why working on your emotional intelligence is so critically important. And trust me, this is a life-long journey.

If I was to question your perceptions, you might even become defensive. Your perceptions are mostly unconscious so, it wouldn’t be a surprise if at first glance you deny or dismiss any such suggestions. 

... perceptions

What is amazing and transformational, is when people begin to question their perceptions or at least, look at them through a new filter or lens.

Is this better or this?

Consider it similar to when you go to get your eyes examined. The optometrist asks you, “Is this better or is this better?’; “is A better of B better?’, “which is more clear, the first one of the second one?” Even those questions can be confusing. You might respond by saying “can I have a look at those options again?”

Imagine having the luxury of self-awareness by standing back and examining your “A” and “B” of your perspectives?

When you bring the awareness of your perceptions, filters or biases into your consciousness, the results can be phenomenal. You might choose a new way of seeing things, you might begin to grow into new roles, and move on with less effort and stress. You may find that you now have more choices and enjoy a greater sense of freedom. 

Ready? Curious?

Are you ready to pull the curtain back on a limiting perception that you may have?  Maybe you’re curious just to learn a bit more about limiting beliefs. If so, you won’t want to miss my International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 webinar, Up Your Game: Challenge Yourself. This year’s IWD day theme is #ChooseToChallenge

In this Brown Bag Lunch n’ Learn webinar, we’ll only have time to scrape the tip of the iceberg as they say but it will be a start to challenge yourself to be the best version of you.

In this 30-min webinar, I will focus on some common pervasive limiting beliefs. 

We will explore:

  1. Common limiting beliefs.
  2. What these common limiting beliefs may be costing you now or into the future.
  3. How to reframe our limiting beliefs.
#Choose to challenge

Will you join me on March 8th?

So, are you up for challenging yourself by expanding your awareness of liming beliefs on International Women’s Day this year?

A perfect fit  with this year’s theme #ChooseToChallenge. What better way to get started than by challenging yourself!

Date: Monday, March 8th – International Women’s Day

Time: Noon (EST)

Duration: 30 minutes

Platform: Zoom (You will receive your unique link upon registration through Eventbrite).

There is no charge for this event.

Hope to see you on March 8th at noon (EST) !

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Don’t forget to bring your lunch!

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