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Choosing a career is seldom a once in a lifetime decision

Early Career Stage

Choosing a career can be so daunting.  All too often students like you are very stressed at the thought of making a career choice perhaps as early as grade 10.

Add to that the cost of university and the prospect of making the wrong choice.  According to Ryerson University, the cost of one year including on campus room and board can range from $17,451 to  $21,877.  Finding out after first year of university that you’ve made the wrong choice, can be a tough reality to face.

There may also be pressure from friends and family to make a choice that doesn’t feel right.  What to do?

We’re here to help.


The number one rule to having a successful career has not changed significantly over time.  In order to be successful, one must ensure that one’s career choices take into account personal skills, strengths, interests, lifestyle choices and motivators/values.

Although this rule remains constant, the job market is continually changing. 

Advances in sciences and technology have and continue to evolve the job market making choosing a career path feel like your throwing darts at a dart board while blindfolded. 

Magnetic North deviates from True  North over time and from place to place as do our lives and careers.


My Story – I’ve had three distinct careers.  I now have the perfect career for me.  Would it have been right years ago?  Likely not.  I truly believe that we become who we are meant to be.  In each phase of my career, I gained new skills, had new experiences, some failures, all which led me to finding coaching or more importantly helping others to be the best they can be and helping organizations to create engaging workplace environments.

Mid-Career Stage

At some point in your career you may be feeling that there should be more but just can’t put your finger on what that more is.  Or maybe you can.  Perhaps you’re not getting those promotions that you had hoped for.  Perhaps you’ve been applying for management positions to no avail.

By this point in your life, many things may have changed since your Early Career Stage:  a new relationship, a family, other interests, a move, etc. that may have you feeling like it’s time for a change.

Again, using our coach-approach we’ll have a look at where you’ve been, your skills, what’s most important to you/your values to name a few.  You’ll explore possibilities to not only set your next career course but help you build a fulfilling life – one where you know why you get out of bed each day and do the things you do.

Pre-Retirement Stage

You’re nearing the end of your traditional career phase…so what’s next?  Many people retiring today are not ready to simply stop and not all want to fill their time volunteering.  Some people approaching retirement are looking to move into a new and exciting phase in their lives. 

For some, it’s building on what they’ve been doing throughout most of their career to date but doing so as an entrepreneur.  For others, it’s a complete about face.  You may have the financial resources to buy a franchise or build something from the ground up.  The world is your oyster and you just may not be sure exactly what it is you want.  

As at any stage of life, building you life based on your values is key.  We will work with you to define exactly what will bring you fulfillment – and each of us defines fulfillment differently.  It’s not a one size fit all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is your approach to career coaching?

Above all else, I want to see you in a career that will: utilize your strengths; tap into your passions; and provide you with the life your desire. 

My job as your coach is to help you clarify your thinking, open new possibilities, have you explore options and ultimately feel confident that you are making the right decision.

Can't I just take an assessment and have the answer?

Although I will use highly-validated assessments in your career coaching exploration, in my opinion they are a piece of the puzzle not the full solution.  We humans are quite complex!

I'm not happy in my job but I'm hesitant to make a change. Is that normal?

Absolutely!  Not everyone that comes for career coaching ends up changing jobs.  Once you uncover what it is you really want/need in your life, you may find ways to incorporate more of that into your life outside of your work life.  You will then have a much greater sense of fulfillment in your existing role and a renewed perspective on life.

Will career coaching work?

It will provided you are ready and open to being coached.  That means you come prepared for each coaching session and fully engage in the process.  I find it so fulfilling when the people I coach come to a point where they are making a conscious choice about their path.

How long will it take?

There is no hard and fast rule but many career coaching engagements take 6-8 hours of coaching.  We typically meet twice per month for 1 hour each time.  The time between your coaching sessions is an important part of the process.  During this time you may be reflecting on what we covered in your last session or you may be preparing for our next session.  This inner process is a critical part of your journey.

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