Shifting Your Mindset on Your Virtual Commute Home

Your New Reality…at least for now

Without a doubt, many people are now experiencing a lengthy work from home stint for the first time. It’s different for sure. Working conditions may not be ideal and creating the separation between your work life and home life may be something you’re struggling with.

After all, you’re used to shutting of your computer, packing up and commuting home. That commute, short as it may have been, gave you time to disconnect from your work world and reconnect with your personal life world.

The Blurred Line between Work and Home

This is a new experience. If you have children, you’ve likely interacted with them off and on throughout the day. You may have put on a load of laundry during the day in between virtual calls or maybe even baked a loaf of bread. All these activities have contributed to further blurring the disconnect and reconnect cycle…not to mention you haven’t left the house!

The Need to Disconnect and Reconnect

With no physical separation, how does one do that? You may be finding this a challenge. There isn’t a one-size fits all to successfully manage to disconnect and reconnect, so I’ve put together a few idea joggers for you as a downloadable pdf entitled: “My Virtual Commute Home Mind Shift Plan.”

I certainly hope that you can find what works for you so that you can learn to master the virtual commute from home disconnect and reconnect cycle.

Stay Safe and Stay Apart!

Wishing you a successful virtual commute,

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