Back to Basics: Wheel of Life

Because our lives are so very different right now and I know that some of you are struggling, I though it might be a good time to go back to basics. If you’re not challenged with life these days, that’s great but it’s still a very worthwhile exercise to evaluate where you’re at on your Wheel of Life.


Resilience in Times of Crisis

Resilience is a popular topic these days, yet what does it involve? In this Ted Talk, Susan David, PhD., makes some excellent points and really brings home the connection between resilience and emotional intelligence.

Empty office

How do I Engage My Team Remotely?

Engaging your teams is not a one-size-fits all activity. Each of your team members is unique. Each of your team members likely has different needs and, in particular during COVID-19, different stressors. The stressors may be ones’ health, financial security, parenting children who are now home, senior loved ones who may be in long-term care, not to mention the uncertainty of what the coming weeks and months will bring. Routines are now topsy turvy yet for many, work goes on and expectations need to be met.