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Recruit Right & Prism Group present:
Assessing the Assessments...

A 101 on Assessment Selection Criteria

In this 30-min webinar, I will walk you through what you need to know or be aware of prior to jumping into the use of assessments in your organization whether they be for selection or development.

If you are lost in a sea of 

  • Wondering how to evaluate which assessment is the right one for your organization?
  • So many options yet not sure what criteria will help you make the best decision for your organization.
  • Trying to understand the value that assessments will bring to your selection and development processes?
  • You’ve used assessments but are not satisfied with the outcomes.

You won't want to miss this session

In this session, we will help you understand and gain clarity on:

  • Common Beliefs & Misbeliefs about assessments.
  • Resistance – What is it all about?
  • 3 Signs Your Assessments may not be as valid as you think.
  • 5 Key Questions to ask an Assessment Provider
  • Applications – including recruitment. 
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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

1:30-2:00PM EDT