Workplace Success Workshop Series

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You don’t want to miss one or more of our upcoming Workplace Success Workshops.  Whether for yourself, of your staff, you won’t be disappointed.

  • October 24, 2018 – Customer Relations 101
  • October 30, 2018 – Sales Relations 101
  • November 7, 2018 – Workplace Motivators 101
  • November 14, 2018 – Emotional Intelligence 101

Location:  Next Gen Hub Business Suites
                   25 Hunter Valley Rd., Orillia, ON L3V 0Y7
Hours:       9:00am – Noon  (Doors open at 8:45am)                                          When you register for any of the workshops, you will be redirected to the secure registration system.


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CUSTOMER RELATIONS 101 Wed. Oct 24, 2018​

Interacting effectively with customers may be the critical differentiator.  Effective  customer service begins with an accurate perception of one’s own customer relations style. 

With new insight and tools, anyone can learn to “people read” whether in person or by phone and tweak their customer relations style for improved results.

Successful businesses depend on exceptional Customer Service.  It is essential to understand that every employee is involved in customer service.  It has been proven that many customers would rather switch to another company/organization than tolerate poor service.  Research indicates, even if there is no conflict, over 60% of all customers quit dealing with a business because of indifference on the part of some employee.  The ability to interact effectively with customers may be the critical difference between success or failure.  Effective customer service begins with an accurate perception of one’s own work customer relations style.

In this session, participants will:

1.  Receive their own personalized Customer Service Report which quantifies information on their own customer service style in the workplace.

2.  Learn how others perceive their customer service style.  This knowledge will assist participants in formulating strategies in more effectively meeting customer needs.

3.  Be more qualified to identify various customer communication styles whether they are serving them in person or by phone.

4.  Learn how to adapt their customer relations communication style to improve the customer experience.

5.  Be more confident in their customer relationship-building skills.

SALES RELATIONS 101     Wed. Oct 30, 2018

People who are successful in sales start with an accurate perception of their own communication style, an ability to quickly assess their prospective clients’ or customers’ style accurately; and, know how to adapt for improved buy-in.

Understanding your own communication style and being able to quickly read others’ communication preferences is the first key to building rapport and trust with a prospective client or customer.  Much like an interview, how you first engage with your prospects can either begin to establish rapport and build trust or turn the prospect off.  It’s critically important to understand that: 

People buy from people they like and people like people like themselves!” 

Communication flows easily when your customers or clients are similar to you; but, what if they’re not?

In this session, participants will:

1.  Receive a personalized Sales Behavioural Profile Report to help them understand their own style.

2.  Learn how others perceive their behaviour and why it might contribute or detract from establishing rapport and buy in.

3.  Be more confident in identifying their prospects’/customers’ behavioural styles.

4.  Lean what they should do to adapt their behavioural style for improved buy-in and rapport.

5.  Have the tools they need to be more aware and confident in their sales interactions.






The happiest, most productive and the most successful people in the world have one thing in common – they have discovered what motivates them and harness it to drive them forward each and every day. When the work we do is aligned with our primary motivators, we feel energized and motivated to do better each and every day. 

Do you know what one of the biggest factors is in leading a fulfilling career and personal life?  Have you ever wondered why not everyone shares your passion for some things?  Have you ever noticed that when someone doesn’t value what you do that there may be conflict?  This workshop will answer these questions and more.  We will explore the six higher level categories of motivators that are critical to being engaged at work and to creating engaging workplaces.

In this workshop, participants will:
1.  Receive a personalized Workplace Motivators report which will reveal their workplace motivators hierarchy.

2.  Come to understand why it is so important to know this information about oneself for personal and professional fulfillment.

3.  Learn about each of the 6 high level motivators categories.

4.  Know the degree of passion or indifference they have to each of the 6 motivator categories.

5.  Learn how differences in Workplace Motivators between can contribute to conflict; and, how similarities can lead to improved rapport.



Emotional Quotient (EQ) measures 
emotional intelligence, or one’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. 

One’s EQ is the undisputed differentiator between many successful people and those that aren’t.

Studies have shown that salespeople and customer service agents who have undergone EQ training develop more accounts, have higher sales, deliver stronger customer service and realize better customer retention than those who have not.  

Is this EQ training only for people in sales or customer service roles?  No. This EQ training is for everyone! With EQ training and ongoing development, people can increase their ability to influence the emotional clarity of others through a proficiency in managing relationships and building networks.

In this workshop, participants will:
1.  Receive a personalized Emotional Quotient Report.

2.  Learn about each of the 5 Dimension of Emotional Intelligence.

3.  Learn about the natural progression in developing EQ.

4.  Understand the role of emotional intelligence and why is such a critical component to success.

5.  Receive some actionable tools and resources to begin their own EQ improvement journey.



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